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The French manufacturer of holsters and Kydex cases for handguns, magazines and accessories.

Our experience in contact with our customers whether in the army, combat sport trainers, shooting or close protection, contractors, special units of intervention, the plainclothes or survivalismes specialists, guaranteed our seriousness in the shaping of our products.

We count among our users many operators of Units of Elite and Special Units French and European.

Lab-Tac "Weapon in Human service" uses Holsters our type of products and universal pockets Sorc®
APR Training (Protection Officer Rapprochée high risk), CQB, handgun training, assault rifle training, level1, tactical medic

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Alexandre Vigier "Esperenza", Police tactical and defense firing instructor, uses our Holsters type products and universal pockets

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Breizh Team Formation uses Holsters our type of products and universal pockets Sorc®

Website Breizh Team Formation

Calvin, of Task Force 32 SAS, former SAS operator 1 RPIMa, Holsters using our type of products and universal Sorc® pockets.

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Flight West, the survivalist, during a training in rapid fire with our holsters. Product successful, lifetime warranty.

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Instructor Zero - Our Pockets Universal CISO at his belt, at an optimal location in one good hand
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