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The French manufacturer of holsters and Kydex cases for handguns, magazines and accessories.


We manufacture our holsters kydex in France, tailor-made, by hand, near Paris.

We welcome you to our Showroom without appointment,

Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 15:30.
do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 09 52 72 64 08, by email to For any information.

5 sente des fosses et des brunes
ZI Hautes Garennes
78570 Chanteloup les vignes

We supply most Elite Units and Special Francophone Units from Europe.

Our holsters kydex are the result of a collaboration for several years with our professional custumers whether they are the Army, trainers in combat sports, shooting or close protection, special units of interventions, the Police or Gendarmerie, and this guarantees our seriousness in shaping our Kydex Holsters.

Lab-Tac "Weapon in Human service" uses Holsters our type of products and universal pockets Sorc®
APR Training (Protection Officer Rapprochée high risk), CQB, handgun training, assault rifle training, level1, tactical medic

Website LabTac

Alexandre Vigier "Esperenza", Police tactical and defense firing instructor, uses our Holsters type products and universal pockets

Alexandre Vigier "Esperenza" Facebook Page

Breizh Team Formation uses Holsters our type of products and universal pockets Sorc®

Website Breizh Team Formation

Calvin, of Task Force 32 SAS, former SAS operator 1 RPIMa, Holsters using our type of products and universal Sorc® pockets.

Website of Calvin

Flight West, the survivalist, during a training in rapid fire with our holsters. Product successful, lifetime warranty.

Website Vol West


Instructor Zero - Our Pockets Universal CISO at his belt, at an optimal location in one good hand
Youtube chain Instructor Zero