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Sachet de 1ml de frein-filet Vibra-TITE VC-3


Delivery is offered from 140 € (en France Métropolitaine)

1.50 €
Perfect to prevent your screws from loosening and you will avoid losing them because the thread lock tries that the threads loosen with vibrations or shocks

This product is an anaerobic adhesive applied to the threads of screws to limit backlash, leakage and corrosion. Removable, it forms a vibration-resistant link in threaded metal assemblies.

When tightening an assembly, the absence of air between the threads and the presence of metal causes the liquid adhesive to dry.

To remove the screws from a holster, from a fastener (...), a slight addition of heat by a hair dryer for example is enough to make the threadlock liquid and to allow you to release the screws easily.

The VC-3 formula allows the use and reuse of the screw to which the VC-3 was applied

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