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Safariland QLS Kit - Femelle & Male avec visseries (OWB)


Delivery is offered from 140 € (en France Métropolitaine)

65.00 €
Set comprising the female unit (outer) and male unit (inner) from the Safariland QUICK LOCKING SYSTEM (QLS) kit.

These two units from the Safariland QUICK LOCKING SYSTEM (QLS) kit can be mounted in many configurations of accessories, fixings and screws to meet specific applications, different angles, and this using eyelets, screws, nuts , etc available on our site.

You can place as many female unit (outer) on your equipment (vest, belt, thigh, etc.), but also in your environment (vehicle, home, office, trunk, etc.) as you want to allow you to come and connect your male unit (inner), which is attached to it from your Holster, according to your current needs.

Allows users to rearrange gear quickly and easily without the use of tools.

Features :
- Attaches to any Holster with the 3-hole pattern Safariland
- Maintains a Level I Retention
- A quick pinch of the thumb and index finger allows the removal of any product attached to the unit
- Permits the user to quickly rotate or adjust which accessories are carried, depending on the mission at hand

For more information on this Safariland QUICK LOCKING SYSTEM (QLS) kit, you can contact us by email or phone 0033 9 52 72 64 08