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Glock G17/18/22/31


Delivery is offered from 140 € (en France Métropolitaine)

The Glock is a series of semi-automatic pistols, produced in Austria by the company Glock GmbH.

It is considered one of the most effective handguns in the world

Glocks pistols are renowned for their reliability due to the use of polymers not very sensitive to corrosion and to a relatively simple mechanism.

?The low recoil and ergonomics make the Glock a comfortable weapon when shooting, hence its use by most beginner shooters.

The use of resistant and very light polymers makes it possible to produce a practical weapon to conceal. These non-metallic materials were at the origin of a controversy on the weapons produced by Glock which one says that they would be undetectable, neglecting the fact that many parts remain in metal (in particular the breech, the barrel, the spring of the magazine and ammunition ...) and that a properly trained security operator will locate the weapon without difficulty.

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